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InterQuality Partners look ahead to second year of project

On 7 November 2011 the InterQuality consortium met in Madrid to review progress made on the project’s deliverables and look ahead to the second year of cooperation.

Since the InterQuality project’s kick-off in December 2010 activities have started in all Work Packages. Several preliminary results could be shared at the November meeting.
Work Package 1, led by the Urban Institute, has been reviewing academic evidence on incentives and impact of payment models. The preliminary findings of the literature review were presented to the project partners. The analysis centres around four focal points, i.e. hospitals, non-hospital settings, integrated care and physicians’ payment, and looks into studies on the implications of payment models as regards cost, utilization and access, and quality, in each of these contexts. While the review is still being finalised, one of the findings so far points to a need to clarify the definitions of terms used in the specific field of payment models, so as to establish a clear framework of reference for the project’s consequent activities. The consolidated findings of Work Package 1 will be presented at the next project meeting.

The activities of Work Package 2, under the lead of the Medical University Warsaw, have focussed on the methodological challenges in the analysis and comparison of payment models with a view to establishing a set of indicators to assess, i.a., outcomes, costs, efficiency and quality and equity. The preliminary report presented illustrates the methodology according to which indicators were identified and discuss their application to the project’s four focal areas, these being inpatient care, outpatient care, integrated care and pharmaceutical care. Following the consolidation of the report, these indicators will feed into the activities developed under Work Packages 3 to 6.

In support of the activities of Work Package 1 and 2, Work Package 3 on pharmaceutical care, led by Sopharm Sp. z o.o., has drafted complementary analyses. The partners were presented with a report on the classification of pharmaceutical payment methods classifying different methods and their effects as well as relative advantages and disadvantages as studied by academic literature. The report futhermore identifies innovative approaches in this field and determines opportunities for further research. In support of Work Package 2, Sopharm introduced a second report in which indicators on quality, equity, outcomes and efficiency in pharmaceutical care were identified on the basis of available academic research. The findings of both these reports will be integrated into the input of Work Packages 1 and 2 to the work on the project’s core deliverables.
Work Package 7, led by the European Patients’ Forum, presented the project’s dissemination strategy and set out proposals as to its implementation. So as to ensure that news and findings of the InterQuality project reach a wide range of relevant stakeholders across the EU and beyond, all partners have pooled their dissemination capacities. These communication channels will now be put to use. One of the main tools is the newly created InterQuality newsletter which will bring regular up-dates on project developments to an audience of regional, national and European stakeholders. In parallel to this work on dissemination, Work Package 7 is also developing guidelines on communication strategies for healthcare financing reforms. Progress made on this deliverable will be presented at the third project meeting.
The InterQuality consortium now looks ahead to the second year of project activities. The next project meeting which will be held in Hannover in February 2012 and will determine the further work plan towards the deliverables’ completion. All project parterns look forward to a successful 2012!

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