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InterQuality Project Kick-off Meeting

January 18th, at Hotel Novotel Airport in Warsaw under the patronage of the - prof. Marek Krawczyk an inaugural meeting of International Research Project "Financing Quality in Health Care – InterQuality” was held. The project is financed by the 7th European Union Framework Programme and coordinated by the Medical University of Warsaw.

The meeting was organized by Department of Pharmacoeconomics, Medical University of Warsaw. The meeting was opened by Rector of the Warsaw Medical University prof. Marek Krawczyk, who congratulated the initiative, stressed the importance of the project and declared the University Authorities’ support in its implementation.

Deputy Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health, Dr Marek Haber discussed projects implemented so far by the Polish research units in the field of quality health care, and presented the principles of the law on quality in health care.

Deputy Secretary of State at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education prof. Maciej Banach emphasized the importance of coordinating the InterQuality project by the Medical University of Warsaw, and expressed hope that the realization of its objectives will enable the development of guidelines for health policy and funding mechanisms for services in different areas of health care to improve quality and increase patient satisfaction.

Prof. Sławomir Majewski, MUW Deputy Rector for Science and International Cooperation discussed the research and development activity of the University, stressing the participation of individuals in the implementation of projects co-financed by the European Union.

InterQuality Project Manager, prof. Tomasz Hermanowski presented consortium, scope, methods and research goals of the InterQuality Project.

Inaugural Lecture entitled " Delivering Quality in Tough Financial Times: The Approach in the English National Health System " was delivered by Sir John Oldham NHS (National Health Services). The meeting ended with a discussion.

The meeting brought together over one hundred participants: representatives of project partners, professionals related to the topic of the project, undergraduate and graduate students interested in financing quality in healthcare.

After the inaugural meeting internal debates of the Poject Consortium were conducted.